Sunday, May 31, 2009

while this may be my first self-portrait on here, i can guarantee you it will not be the last.  more than for vanity's sake, this continuing series is equal parts an exercise and an exploration of self, especially pertaining to time and change.  there is also an element of seduction, or rather, self seduction..
this photo was taken this morning as i was getting out of the shower.  i realized that it had been exactly a week since i started growing out my mustache.  for someone who does not have much body hair, this is a source of fascination.  it feels like a reinvention of sorts and i am rather enjoying it.  perhaps in another week, i will make another post to show you my progress.


  1. moustache. really??!!
    gives you a bit of a spanish angle.. keep em guessing.
    fun times ben! xx margo

  2. Nice site! Keep in touch..

    xo xo